The Birth of Calamity Mitchell:  A Stage Play and Mini-Series

Written By Prudence Paez

Dream Be-Live Productions

in association with Savion Glover Productions/The HooFerZ CLuB


The Birth of Calamity Mitchell

Stage Play


Mini-Series and Stage Play

Written and Directed by Prudence Paez


Sadeeah Bunch         Maurice Chestnut

Come see this amazing cast!


L.T. Brown, Tyrell Wilis, and Keshia Rivers
Andre Leverett, Anastasia Rose, Jaiden Barry Boston,

Edward Forbes,Claude Chaney, Tammy Richardson,

  Sernetta Bouie, Evell, and Sequoia Barbara

Sonya Mitchell, a sexy, educated, business minded power broker,
has led a simple, predictable married life in normalcy
and fixed budgets...but soon, that all will change.

Thrust into a world of insatiable lust, greed, power and money,
one wife's need for attention turns into a spiderweb
 of lies, deceit, drugs, crime and murder.

Some people want


Some people want



Some just need


Which would you choose?
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Show Date/Time


Saturday, July 27th at 8pm  

This play will be performed at:


"The HooFerZ CLuB"

129 Brunswick Street, Newark, NJ 07114

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